Braden, Anne (1924–2006)

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Braden, Anne (1924–2006)

American journalist and civil-rights activist. Born Anne Gamrell McCarty in Louisville, Kentucky, July 28, 1924; died March 6, 2006, in Louisville; attended Stratford and Randolph-Macon colleges; m. Carl Braden (1914–1975, journalist), 1948.

Grew up in Mississippi and Alabama; returned to Louisville (1947); with husband, became involved in labor struggles for the CIO and the Progressive Party; arrested in Mississippi (1951) for protesting execution of a black man; arrested and blacklisted (1954); worked for the Southern Conference Educational Fund (SCEF); opposed witch-hunting tactics of House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC, 1958); served prison term and helped launch National Committee to Abolish HUAC; made effective use of media to dramatize struggle for civil rights and racial justice; arrested for "sedition" in Kentucky (1967); retired from SCEF (1972); edited The Southern Patriot; continued political activism after husband's death (1975), creating the Southern Organizing Committee for Economic and Social Justice; writings include The Wall Between (1958).

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