Bodenwieser, Gertrud (1886–1959)

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Bodenwieser, Gertrud (1886–1959)

Austrian dancer and choreographer. Born 1886 in Vienna, Austria; died 1959 in Sydney, Australia.

Taught at State Academy of Music and Drama in Vienna (c. 1921–38); founded a dance troupe to perform her constructivist works in Austria-Hungary and Germany (mid-1920s); won more wide-spread recognition on tours to London (1927) and Italy (1932) with such pieces as The Daemon Machine, or Dance of Work (1932); immigrated to Australia (1938) and continued to teach and perform with a new dance troupe formed in Sydney; works include An Exotic Orchestra (1972), Le Ore Solenne (1932), Waltzes of Delirium (1933), Narcissus (c. 1936), Visions from Painters (c. 1944) and Cinderella of Old Vienna (c. 1945).

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