Boden, Margaret (1936–)

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Boden, Margaret (1936–)

British psychologist. Born Nov 26, 1936; married c. 1967 (div. 1981); children: 2.

Served as lecturer in philosophy at University of Birmingham (1959–62); began doctoral work at Harvard University (1962); published 1st book, Purposive Explanation in Psychology (1972); began teaching at Sussex University (1965) and was among founders of university's Cognitive Studies program (early 1970s); at Sussex, became professor (1980), dean of School of Social Sciences (1985), and dean of the new School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences (c. 1987); through her work, popularized concept that aspects of the human mind can be understood in terms of the computer programming involved in artificial intelligence (AI); has lectured around world and had work translated into 16 languages; awarded OBE (2002); served as vice president of British Academy; served as vice president and chair of council of Royal Institution of Great Britain. Additional works include: Artificial Intelligence and Natural Man(1977, 1987), Piaget (1979, 1984), Minds and Mechanisms (1981), Computer Models of Mind (1988), Artificial Intelligence in Psychology (1989), (ed.) The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence (1989, 1990), The Creative Mind (1990) and (ed.) The Philosophy of Artificial Life (1996).

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