Boden, Margaret A(nn)

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BODEN, Margaret A(nn)

BODEN, Margaret A(nn). British, b. 1936. Genres: Information science/Computers, Philosophy, Psychology. Career: University of Birmingham, lecturer in philosophy, 1959-65; University of Sussex, Brighton, lecturer and reader, 1965-80, professor of philosophy and psychology, 1980-2002, research professor of cognitive science, 2002-. Publications: Purposive Explanation in Psychology, 1972; Artificial Intelligence and Natural Man, 1977, 1987; Piaget, 1979, rev. ed., 1994; Minds and Mechanisms. 1981; Computer Models of Mind, 1988; Artificial Intelligence in Psychology, 1989; The Creative Mind, 1990, rev. ed., 2003. EDITOR: The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence, 1990; Dimensions of Creativity, 1994; The Philosophy of Artificial Life, 1996; Artificial Intelligence, 1996. Address: School of Science and Technology, University of Sussex, Brighton, England.