Edgeworth, Maria: Principal Works

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Letters for Literary Ladies (essays) 1795

The Parent's Assistant (short stories) 1796-1800

Practical Education [with Richard Lovell Edgeworth] (essays) 1798; also published as Essays on Practical Education 1815

Castle Rackrent: An Hibernian Tale (novel) 1800

Belinda (novel) 1801

Moral Tales for Young People (short stories) 1801

Essay on Irish Bulls [with Richard Lovell Edgeworth] (essay) 1802

Popular Tales (short stories) 1804

Leonora (novel) 1806

Tales of Fashionable Life (short stories) 1809-12

Patronage (novel) 1814

Comic Dramas (plays) 1817

Harrington, a Tale, and Ormand, a Tale (novels) 1817

* Memoirs of Richard Lovell Edgeworth, Esq.; Begun by Himself and Concluded by His Daughter, Maria Edgeworth. 2 vols. [with Richard Lovell Edgeworth] (biography) 1820

Helen (novel) 1834

Orlandino (juvenilia) 1848

* Edgeworth completed her father's autobiography after his death in 1817.

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Edgeworth, Maria: Principal Works

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