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hippycrappie, crappy, flappy, gappy, happi, happy, nappy, pappy, sappy, scrappy, slap-happy, snappy, strappy, tapis, yappy, zappy •campy, scampi, vampy •harpy, okapi, serape, sharpie •raspy •Giuseppe, peppy, preppy •kelpie •kempy, tempi •Gillespie •crêpey, kepi, scrapie •creepy, sleepy, tepee, weepy •chippy, clippie, dippy, drippy, grippy, hippy, Lippi, lippy, Mississippi, nippy, slippy, snippy, tippy, trippy, whippy, Xanthippe, zippy •chickpea •crimpy, gimpy, skimpy, wimpy •crispy, wispy •turnipy • recipe • praecipe • gossipy •pipy, stripy •choppy, copy, floppy, jalopy, moppy, poppy, sloppy, soppy, stroppy •Pompey, swampy •waspie, waspy •photocopy • cowpea •dopey, Hopi, Opie, ropy, soapy, topi

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hip·py1 • n. & adj. variant spelling of hippie. hip·py2 • adj. having large hips.

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hippy especially in the 1960s, a person of unconventional appearance, typically having long hair and wearing beads, associated with a subculture involving a rejection of conventional values and the taking of hallucinogenic drugs. The name comes from hip meaning ‘following the latest fashion, understanding, aware’.

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