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tramp / tramp/ • v. [intr.] walk heavily or noisily: he tramped around the room. ∎  walk through or over a place wearily or reluctantly and for long distances: we have tramped miles over mountain and moorland. ∎  [tr.] tread or stamp on: one of the few wines still tramped by foot. • n. 1. a person who travels from place to place on foot in search of work or as a vagrant or beggar. 2. [in sing.] the sound of heavy steps, typically of several people: the tramp of marching feet. 3. [in sing.] a long walk, typically a tiring one: they start off on a tramp from Roxbury to New York. 4. [usu. as adj.] a cargo vessel that carries goods among many different ports rather than sailing a fixed route: a tramp steamer. 5. inf. a promiscuous woman. 6. a metal plate protecting the sole of a boot. ∎  the top of the blade of a spade. DERIVATIVES: tramp·er n. tramp·ish adj.

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trampamp, camp, champ, clamp, cramp, damp, encamp, gamp, lamp, ramp, samp, scamp, stamp, tamp, tramp, vamp •firedamp • headlamp • wheel clamp •sidelamp • spotlamp • blowlamp •sunlamp •hemp, kemp, temp •blimp, chimp, crimp, gimp, imp, limp, pimp, primp, scrimp, shrimp, simp, skimp, wimp •chomp, clomp, comp, pomp, romp, stomp, swamp, tromp, whomp, yomp •bump, chump, clump, crump, dump, flump, frump, gazump, grump, hump, jump, lump, outjump, plump, pump, rump, scrump, slump, stump, sump, thump, trump, tump, ump, whump •ski-jump • showjump • handpump •mugwump

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tramp stamp, tread heavily XIV; walk steadily XVI. prob. of LG. or Du. orig.; cf. MLG. trampen.

trample †tramp, stamp XIV; tread upon XVI. f. TRAMP + -LE3.