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re·mount • v. / rēˈmount; ˈrē-/ [tr.] mount (something) again, in particular: ∎  get on (something) in order to ride it again: she went to remount her horse | [intr.] Sandy remounted and rode through the gates. ∎  attach to a new frame or setting: remount the best photos in glass-fronted mounts. ∎  produce (a play or exhibition) again. ∎  organize and embark on (a significant course of action) again: the raid was remounted in August. • n. / ˈrēˌmount/ a fresh horse for a rider. ∎  hist. a supply of fresh horses for a regiment.

views updated

remount †set up again; replace on horseback XIV; get on horseback again XVI; supply with fresh horses XVII. In early use — (O)F. remonter; later in part a new formation on RE- and MOUNT2.

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