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found1 / found/ • past and past participle of find. • adj. 1. having been discovered by chance or unexpectedly, in particular: ∎  (of an object or sound) collected in its natural state and presented in a new context as part of a work of art or piece of music: collages of found photos. ∎  (of art) comprising or making use of such objects. ∎  (of poetry) formed by reinterpreting metrically the structure of a nonpoetic text. 2. (of a ship) equipped; supplied: the ship was two years old, well found and seaworthy. found2 • v. [tr.] 1. establish or originate (an institution or organization), esp. by providing an endowment: the monastery was founded in 1665 | [as adj.] (founding) the three founding partners. ∎  plan and begin the building of (a town or colony). 2. (usu. be founded on/upon) construct or base (a principle or other abstract thing) according to a particular principle or grounds: a society founded on the highest principles of religion and education. ∎  (of a thing) serve as a basis for: the company's fortunes are founded on its minerals business. found3 • v. [tr.] melt and mold (metal). ∎  fuse (materials) to make glass. ∎  make (an article) by melting and molding metal.

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foundabound, aground, around, astound, bound, compound, confound, dumbfound, expound, found, ground, hound, impound, interwound, mound, pound, profound, propound, redound, round, sound, stoneground, surround, theatre-in-the-round (US theater-in-the-round), underground, wound •spellbound • westbound • casebound •eastbound • windbound • hidebound •fogbound • stormbound •northbound • housebound •outbound • southbound • snowbound •weatherbound • earthbound •hellhound • greyhound • foxhound •newshound • wolfhound •bloodhound • background •battleground • campground •fairground • playground •whip-round • foreground •showground • merry-go-round •runaround • turnaround • ultrasound •pre-owned, unowned •unchaperoned • poind • untuned •Lund

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found1 set up, establish. XIII. — (O)F. fonder :- L. fundāre, f. fundus BOTTOM.
So foundation XIV. Hence founder XIV, whence foundress XV; see -ESS1.

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found2 mix XIV; melt (esp. metal or glass for casting) XVI. — (O)F. fondre :- L. fundere pour, melt, f. IE. *ghud- *gheud- (repr. by OE. ġēotan pour), extension of *ghu- *gheu-, whence Gr. khéein, kheúein pour, Skr. juhóti pour libations, sacrifice.
Hence founder XV, foundry XVII.

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