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sep·a·ra·tion / ˌsepəˈrāshən/ • n. 1. the action or state of moving or being moved apart: the damage that might arise from the separation of parents and children. ∎  the state in which a husband and wife remain married but live apart: legal grounds for divorce or separation | she and her husband have agreed to a trial separation. See also legal separation (sense 1).2. the division of something into constituent or distinct elements: prose structured into short sentences with meaningful separation into paragraphs. ∎  the process of distinguishing between two or more things: religion involved the separation of the sacred and the profane | the constitution imposed a clear separation between church and state. ∎  the process of sorting and then extracting or removing a specified substance for use or rejection. ∎ short for color separation. ∎  (also stereo separation) distinction or difference between the signals carried by the two channels of a stereophonic system. ∎  Physics & Aeron. the generation of a turbulent boundary layer between the surface of a body and a moving fluid, or between two fluids moving at different speeds.PHRASES: separation of powers an act of vesting the legislative, executive, and judicial powers of government in separate bodies.


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363. Separation

the act of estrangement or separation, as in marriage. Also alienation.
the state or condition of being separate. See also 331. PROPERTY and OWNERSHIP .
1. the act or process of severing or separating.
2. the state or condition of being severed or separated, as in the ending of a relationship.


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A termination ofcohabitationofhusband and wifeeither by mutual agreement or, in the case of judicial separation, under the decree of a court.