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ex·cise1 • n. / ˈekˌsīz/ [usu. as adj.] a tax levied on certain goods and commodities produced or sold within a country and on licenses granted for certain activities: excise taxes on cigarettes.• v. / ikˈsīz; ek-/ [tr.] [usu. as adj.] (excised) charge excise on (goods): excised goods.ex·cise2 / ikˈsīz/ • v. [tr.] cut out surgically: the precision with which surgeons can excise brain tumors. ∎  remove (a section) from a text or piece of music: the clauses were excised from the treaty.DERIVATIVES: ex·ci·sion / -ˈsizhən/ n.


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A tax imposed on the performance of an act, the engaging in an occupation, or the enjoyment of a privilege. A tax on the manufacture, sale, or use ofgoods or on the carrying on of an occupation or activity, or a tax on the transfer of property. In current usage the term has been extended to include various license fees and practically every internal revenue tax except theincome tax(e.g., federal alcohol and tobacco excise taxes).


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excise1 †toll, tax XV; duty on commodities XVII. — MDu. excijs — OF. acceis :- Rom. *accēnsum, f. L. AC- + cēnsus tax (see CENSUS).


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excise2 cut out. XVI. f. excīs-, pp. stem of L. excīdere, f. EX-1 + cædere cut.
So excision XV. — (O)F. — L.


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excise (ek-syz) vb. to cut out tissue, an organ, or a tumour from the body.
excision (ek-si-zhŏn) n.