Vinchon, Jean (1884-?)

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Vinchon, Jean (1884-?)

French neuropsychiatrist who published books in areas of parapsychology. He was born on June 21, 1884, in the Department of the Somme, France. He received his M.D. in 1911 at Paris. He was successively the medical director of the Neuro-psychiatric Center of the French Army of the East during World War I(1917-18), director of the clinic of Paris Medical School between the wars, and director of Army Neuropsychiatric Center, Paris Region as World War II began (1939-40). He then became a neuropsychiatrist at the War Veterans Ministry and a neuropsychiatric consultant at Hôpital de le Pitié.

Through most of his career Vinchon had a lively interest in psychic phenomena. He was a member and, for a period, president of the Institut Métapsychique. He authored several books growing out of his broad interests.


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