Tyl, Noel (1936-)

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Tyl, Noel (1936-)

American astrologer, born in West Chester, Pennsylvania, on December 31, 1936. Tyl attended Harvard University and received his B.A. in psychology in 1958. He worked in business for more than a decade before becoming a writer-astrologer in 1970. He developed a relationship with Llewellyn Publications, a leading publisher of astrology literature, which, beginning in 1973 with Horoscope Construction, released a 12-volume series entitled The Principles and Practice of Astrology. The series largely established his reputation in the field. Through the 1980s he edited Astrology Today, Llewellyn's astrology magazine.

In addition to operating as a consulting astrologer, Tyl has continued to write. Additional titles include The Horoscope as Identity (1974), The Missing Moon (1979), and Holistic Astrology: The Analysis of Inner and Outer Environments (1980). He has worked to redefine astrology as a psychological counseling practice.


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