Tykocinski, Ḥayyim

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TYKOCINSKI, ḤAYYIM (1862–1942?), Jewish historian. Tykocinski, born in Poland, was one of the editors and main contributors of the important work in German-Jewish history Germania Judaica (1917–34), continuing with this work until he was killed by the Nazis and the material was lost. He also wrote Die gaonaeischen Verordnungen (1929).

His scholarly articles appeared in the Monatsschrift fuer Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judentums, Devir, and Tarbiz, as well as in the Festschriften for M. Philippson (1916) and S. *Dubnow (1930). They dealt with such subjects as Moses b. Ḥisdai and Moses Taku (mgwj, 54 (1910), 70ff.); Isaac Or Zaru'a and his pupils (mgwj, 55 (1911), 478ff.; 63 (1919), 333ff.); and the history of the Jews in Halle (mgwj, 47 (1913), 32ff.).


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