Tyler, John (1790–1862)

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TYLER, JOHN (1790–1862)

A Virginia lawyer, governor, and United States senator, John Tyler, a Democrat elected Vice-President as a Whig in 1840 became America's first accidential President upon the death of William Henry Harrison in 1841. This peaceful transition of leaders underscored the strength of the Constitution even though it frustrated the Whig politicians who had nominated Harrison. As President, Tyler was usually a constitutional strict constructionist, and many of his policies resembled those of andrew jackson. Tyler refused to interfere with the sovereignty of Rhode Island during Dorr's Rebellion, but he was an early advocate of Texas annexation which was accomplished in the last months of his administration. In 1861 Tyler chaired the Washington Peace Conference, but after its failure he advocated secession. The only former President to serve the Confederacy, Tyler was elected to the provisional Congress and the Confederate House of Representatives.

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Tyler, John (1790–1862)

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