Taetzsch, Robert Leonard (1931-)

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Taetzsch, Robert Leonard (1931-)

Statistician, management engineer, and parapsychologist. He was born on July 6, 1931, at Irvington, New Jersey, and studied at the Newark College of Engineering, New Jersey, where he received both a B.S. (mechanical engineering, 1952) and a M.S. degree (engineering, cum laude, 1959). For many years after his graduation he was employed at Union Carbide Plastics.

Out of his interest in parapsychology, as an engineer he worked on developing statistical techniques in order to control psi phenomena, and the development of systems for transmitting messages by psi processes. Utilizing an IBM 1620 digital computer, he developed a psi communication system based on binary targets and sequential sampling. He was a member of both the Parapsychologcal Association and the American Society for Psychical Research.


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