Taenzer, Arnold

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TAENZER, ARNOLD (Aaron ; 1871–?), rabbi, author, and historian. Taenzer, born in Pressburg, served as *Landesrabbiner of Tyrol and Vorarlberg at Hohenems (1896–1904) and at Merano (1904–07), and at Goeppingen, Wuerttemberg (from 1907), where from 1910 to 1914 he edited the Israelitische Wochenschrift.

His published works include Die Religionsphilosophie Joseph Albos (1896), Der israelitische Friedhof in Hohenems (1901), Judentum und Entwicklungslehre (1903), Geschichte der Juden in Tirol und Vorarlberg (1905), Mischehe in Religion, Geschichte und Statistik der Juden (1913), Geschichte der Juden in Brest-Litowsk (1918), Geschichte der Juden in Jebenhausen und Goeppingen (1927), and Geschichte der Juden in Wuerttemberg (1937). Taenzer also wrote a Gedenkschrift for J. and F. Strassburger (1928) and published sermons and some humorous plays.


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