St. Clair, David (1932-1991)

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St. Clair, David (1932-1991)

Actor, journalist, writer, and lecturer on the occult. He was born on October 2, 1932, in Newton Falls, Ohio. He was educated at Columbia University and the New School for Social Research. He spent five years as a professional actor in summer stock as well as did some television work.

In 1956 he went to Mexico and started to travel by land into Central and South America; he reached Brazil, where he worked full-time for Time and Life until 1965. Afterward he became a freelance writer and lecturer. He had a strong interest in the occult and investigated local occult practices everywhere he traveled. He made expeditions into the Amazon and Mato Grosso jungles, lived with Indians, and was initiated into voudou temples. St. Clair stated, "I've talked to spirits, communicated with and even photographed a ghost, but the living still interest me more than the dead. I believe in the spirit world, in reincarnation, and in spirit intervention in our lives. I've seen too much of it not to believe." His experience became the basis of a number of books.


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St. Clair, David (1932-1991)

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St. Clair, David (1932-1991)