St. Columban, Missionary Sisters of

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(SSC, Official Catholic Directory #2880); also known as Columban Sisters, a pontifical institute founded in Ireland by Reverend John Blowick in 1922, and engaged in educational, medical, catechetical, and social services in overseas missions. Originally organized for work in China, the Columban Sisters maintained schools and hospitals there for 25 years before being expelled by the communist authorities. In 1930, the sisters established their first foundation in the United States, followed by the Philippines in 1939 and Myitkyina, Upper Burma in 1947. After their expulsion from China in 1952, the congregation established new foundations in Hong Kong and South Korea. The generalate is in Wicklow, Ireland. The United States headquarters is in Brighton, Massachusetts.

[m. v. doyle/eds.]

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St. Columban, Missionary Sisters of

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St. Columban, Missionary Sisters of