Musès, C(harles) A(rthur) (1919-)

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Musès, C(harles) A(rthur) (1919-)

Mathematician, physicist, cyberneticist, and philosopher who worked as a theoretician in the field of parapsychology. Born on April 28, 1919, in New Jersey, Musès studied at City College, New York (B.Sc.) and Columbia University (A.M., Ph.D. philosophy). He worked as a chemist and consultant for Gar-Baker Laboratories Inc. (1941-54), was editor in chief of Falcon's Wing Press, Colorado (concerned with philosophical and occult books) (1954-59), and from the beginning of the 1960s held various positions as a writer, editor, and consultant, including a stint as editor of the Journal for the Study of Consciousness.

Musès has made myriad contributions in a variety of fields. He worked with the late Norbert Wiener, pioneer of cybernetics, whose posthumously published lectures he edited. In the field of mathematics, Musès discovered root and logarithm operations for hyper-numbers following the square root of minus one. In the field of anthropology he studied the Mayans, the Lacadones of Chiapas, Mexico, and symbolic systems in India. He edited the Journal of Psychoenergetic Systems, the Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Biosimulation (Locarno,1960), and the Aspects of the Theory of Artificial Intelligence (New York, 1962). For a time he served as director of research for the Center for Research on Mathematics and Morphology, Santa Barbara, California.

In the field of parapsychology, Musès made important contributions to the study of the nature, alterations, and potentials of consciousness, to which he gave the name noetics.


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