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A Loch Ness type monster observed and photographed in the area of Falmouth, Cornwall, England. On November 17, 1976, Morgawr was sighted by Tony "Doc" Shiels and David Clarke (editor of Cornish Life magazine) in the Helford estuary near Falmouth. A photograph taken by Clarke was reproduced in Fortean Times (no. 22, summer 1977). Although the camera had unfortunately jammed, resulting in a superimposition of pictures, the general impression is of the head of a creature similar to that photographed by Shiels (Fortean Times 19) and some photographs taken by Shiels of the Loch Ness Monster May 21, 1977 (best one reproduced in both Cornish Life and the London Daily Mirror for June 9, 1977).

Serious charges of fraud have been expressed concerning Shiels's pictures on the grounds that he is well known in conjuring circles as an exponent of magic simulations of psychic effects. However, he claims to be an avid monster-hunter, and has collected other reports of sightings of Morgawr, as well as publishing his own photographs of the Loch Ness monster.

Two photographs of Morgawr taken by Gerry Bennett of Seworgan, Cornwall, from Mawnan beach on January 31, 1977, were also reproduced in Fortean Times 22, together with photographs and reports of Mhorag, another Scottish monster of a Loch Ness type.


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