Extraterrestrial Earth Mission

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Extraterrestrial Earth Mission

The organization known as the Extraterrestrial Earth Mission can be traced to March 3, 1986, when an extraterrestrial spirit named Avinash "walked into" the body of a person named John, according to the mission's literature. John was a channel and teacher of metaphysics in the Seattle, Washington, suburb of Bellevue. He had been channeling an entity named Elihu.

The concept of a "walk-in" was popularized by New Age au-thor and channel Ruth Montgomery, who described situations in which the spirit of an individual would, for whatever reason, abandon a body and a disembodied spirit would walk in and take over. In that change, the memory of the person who left would be left behind, but the personality of the new entity would dominate. Thus it was that "Avinash" walked in and took over John's body. Shortly after Avinash appeared, the person that had been John moved to Hawaii. He was accompanied by a second walk in, a female named "Alezsha." In Hawaii they met a third walk-in, "Ashtridia." During the remainder of 1986, the primary teaching channeled by Avinash concerned the concept of mastery of limitation. The universe, he taught, tended to rearrange itself according to one's concept of reality. By changing one's reality, removing a sense of limitation, the world would change.

The three also have contact with a huge extradimensional space ship, which resulted in their becoming conscious of their ability to operate in other dimensions. Before the year was out, the three had decided to move to Sedona, Arizona. Soon after relocating they met a fourth walk-in, "Arthea." Avinash and Ar-thea soon discovered that they were divine design mates, i.e., a couple divinely created to work together. By 1987 the group of walk-ins grew to twelve but disbanded as each found his or her mission elsewhere. By October of that year, only Avinash, Arthea, and a third person, "Alana," remained.

The three remaining people experienced what was not a totally unique occurrence but certainly an uncommon one. Over the next years, a series of new entities walked into their bodies as others departed, thus the same body became known by different names. In this way, John, once known as Avinash, became known as Aktivar, Alarius, Savizar, and ZaviRah. Arthea became known as Akria, Polaria, Silarra, and Ziva'rah. Alana became known as Akrista and then as Tantra. It is believed that each of these names refers to an extraterrestrial person who inhabits the body of the Earth person. The emergence of Aktivar, Akria, and Akrista occurred at the end of the summer of 1987. During the last three months of 1987 and into 1988, these three entities toured the United States, during which time the Extraterrestrial Earth Mission began to make its initial public impact. The three made a videotape on humanity's role as a cocreator of heaven on Earth and a series of cassette tapes aimed at overcoming particular individual dysfunctions.

In March 1988 a new phase of work began when Aktivar, Akria, and Akrista left and were replaced by three new walk-ins, Alarius, Polaria, and Tantra. Shortly thereafter Tantra exited from the trio and began to work separately. Alarius and Polaria described their work as temporary, as preparing the way for Savizar and Silarra. Under the guidance of the couple known as Savizar and Silarra, the Extraterrestrial Earth Mission matured into a New Age organization announcing the planetary shift of humans from dense physical bodies into bodies of light. According to Savizar and Silarra, there are many masters present on Earth today. It was their job to awaken these masters to the nature of their true selves and to cooperate with them in the co-creation of a new Earth. Assisting in this process, the pair taught a technique, the superconscious technique, which allowed people to manifest their desires by altering their picture of reality.

In 1990, Savizar and Silarra were replaced by ZaviRah and Ziva'rah. Each change was believed to announce a new phase in the mission. In this case, the newcomers represented a change from an exclusive emphasis on opening and awakening to a stance of mobilization. Those who had awakened to their true nature began the process of creation and manifestation. In 1993 Zavirah and Ziva'rah were replaced by Drakar and Zrendar, and soon after their appearance the Extraterrestrial Earth Mission moved from Arizona to Hawaii. Included in the new phase of the mission was the ChristStar Project, the work of a group of people on Maui to build a prototype of the new civilization. Public events were developed to present techniques (usable technologies) of consciousness that assisted individuals to see the divinity in all life and to manifest their own roles as a co-creators of heaven on Earth.

In response to the lectures, workshops, and the printed, audio, and video materials published by the mission, groups formed around the United States and Canada to share in the mission's work. ChristStar Project Mastery Events were being held at which many extraterrestrial entities spoke through Drakar and Zrendar to the assembled group. Extraterrestrial Earth Mission had been chartered through the Universal Life Church in Arizona.

Last known address: P.O. Box 959, #0432, Kihei, HI 96753. The organization published a newsletter, ChristStar.


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