Extreme Honor

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Extreme Honor ★ 2001 (R)

This is an action movie with little action until the finale and a too-familiar storyline. Brascoe (Anderson) is forced out of the Navy SEALS when he's framed by his partner (Gruner). Now he needs a lot of cash in order to pay for his son's cancer treatments. So Brascoe teams up with some crooks (Madsen, Bush) to rip off a billionaire (Ironside). 95m/C VHS, DVD . Dan Anderson, Michael Ironside, Michael Madsen, Olivier Gruner, Grand L. Bush, Martin Kove, Antonio Fargas, Edward Albert, Charles Napier, Odile Corso; D: Steven Rush; W: Steven Rush; C: Ken Blakey; M: David Powell, Geoff Levin. VIDEO