Chapter 14: Chapter Exploration

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Chapter Exploration

UFOs in Ancient Times

Space Visitors in the Bible and
Other Holy Books

The Modern UFO Era Begins

The Air Force and Project Blue Book
The Condon/University of Colorado Report
Hangar 18
Roswell, New Mexico
Socorro, New Mexico

UFO Contactees and Abductees

George Adamski
Daniel W. Fry
Betty and Barney Hill
The Men in Black (MIB)
Whitley Strieber
George Van Tassel

The Influence of the Media

Close Encounters of the Third Kind
The Day the Earth Stood Still
War of the Worlds

The X-Files

The UFO Mystery Grows

Area 51 and Reverse Engineering
Cattle Mutilations
Crop Circles
The Philadelphia Experiment

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Chapter 14: Chapter Exploration

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Chapter 14: Chapter Exploration