Chapter 2: Chapter Exploration

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Chapter Exploration


Spirit Guide
Totem Animal
Vision Quest

Spirit Mediumship

Ouija Board
Spirit Control

Mediums and Channelers

Sylvia Browne
Florence Cook
Mina "Margery" Crandon
John Edward
Arthur Augustus Ford Eileen Garrett
Daniel Dunglas Home
J. Z. Knight
Carlos Mirabelli
Eusapia Palladino
Leonora E. Piper
James Van Praagh
Jach Pursel
Jane Roberts
Rudi Schneider
Witch of Endor


Andrew Jackson Davis
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The Fox Sisters
Allen Kardec


Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
Rudolf Steiner
Emanuel Swedenborg

Researchers into the Mystery of Spirit Contact

Hereward Carrington
Sir William Crookes
Harry Houdini
William James
Sir Oliver Lodge
Fredric W. H. Myers
Society for Psychical Research (SPR)