Carleson, Rolf Alfred Douglas (1910-)

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Carleson, Rolf Alfred Douglas (1910-)

Accountant and Spiritualist leader in Sweden. He was born January 29, 1910, in Montreal, Canada, but moved to Sweden during his adult life. He held posts as general secretary of the International Spiritualist Federation, editor of Spiritualisten (a Swedish psychic magazine), and general manager of Excelsior, a Swedish publishing house specializing in psychic literature.

Carleson was a founder of the Stockholm Spiritualist Society and served as its secretary for twenty years (1937-57). He then became general secretary of the Swedish Spiritualists Union in 1958-59. During this time he was a member of a Swedish psychic circle experimenting with materialization and direct voice phenomena.

Carleson was also a member of the Society for Parapsychological Research in Stockholm.


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Carleson, Rolf Alfred Douglas (1910-)

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