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American AssociationElectronic Voice Phenomena

The American AssociationElectronic Voice Phenomena was founded in 1972 by Sarah Estep to collect objective evidence of survival after death. It describes itself as "a metaphysical organization interested in spiritual evolvement." Research is primarily centered around what are called Raudive voices, voices that seem to appear spontaneously on recording tapes and purport to be the communications of the dead. Such voices, first noticed in the late 1960s, became a well-known phenomenon following the 1971 English publication of Latvian psychologist Konstantin Raudive 's book, Breakthrough, in which he claimed hundreds of such contacts with the deceased. The association formed in direct response to the popularity of Raudive's findings. The group enjoyed great popularity in the 1980s and by the end of the decade had approximately 200 members. The association supports conferences and publishes a quarterly newsletter. It may be contacted at 816 Midship Ct., Annapolis, MD 21401.


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American Association—Electronic Voice Phenomena

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American Association—Electronic Voice Phenomena