Agharta (or Agharti)

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Agharta (or Agharti)

In his book Agharta (1951), Robert Ernst Dickhoff claimed that Martians colonized Earth 80,000 years ago and built an elaborate system of underground tunnels, starting in Antarctica, with exits in Tibet, Brazil, the United States, and elsewhere. A secret underground port for UFO s called Rainbow City was supposed to be still in operation.

This colorful story appears to be related to the Tibetan legend of the subterranean kingdom of Agharti, presided over by "the King of the World." Millions of people are said to live in these underground realms in cities without crime and using a highly developed science. The King of the World understands the people on Earth and influences them secretly. He is to appear before the people of Earth in a final cosmic struggle of good against evil. This legend was recounted in the book Beasts, Men, and Gods by Ferdinand Ossendowski. Ossendowski (1876-1945) was a Polish writer who traveled extensively through Central Asia in the 1920s.

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