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Daemonorops (family Palmae) A genus of climbing palms (rattans) which occur solitarily or as clumps, and which range from stemless rosettes to high-climbing plants. The leaf sheaths are spiny and the leaves pinnate with a terminal, spiny whip (cirrus). The plants are dioecious. The inflorescences have bracts that split along their length at maturity. The fruits are scaly, and the seed is usually single, with a sarcotesta. Some provide cane and a few the resin known as dragon's blood. In several, ants inhabit tunnels between spiny flanges on the leaf sheaths. Daemonorops is the second largest genus of climbing palms, with about 114 species, found in north-eastern India, southern China, and east to New Guinea, with most occurring in Sumatra, Malaya, and Borneo.