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ge·o·ther·mal / ˌjēōˈ[unvoicedth]ərməl/ (also ge·o·ther·mic / -ˈ[unvoicedth]ərmik/ ) • adj. of, relating to, or produced by the internal heat of the earth: some 70% of Iceland's energy needs are met from geothermal sources.

views updated

geothermal •sewellel •camel, enamel, entrammel, mammal, trammel •miasmal, phantasmal •Carmel •abysmal, baptismal, catechismal, dismal, paroxysmal •animal • minimal • lachrymal •maximal •decimal, infinitesimal •septimal • optimal • primal • Rommel •abnormal, conformal, formal, normal, paranormal, subnormal •chromosomal • Kümmel •Brummell, pommel, pummel •epidermal, geothermal, isothermal, pachydermal, taxidermal, thermal