Georgy Girl

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Georgy Girl ★★★ 1966

Redgrave finely plays the overweight uglyduckling Georgy who shares a flat with the beautiful and promiscuous Meredith (Rampling). Georgy is, however, desired by the wealthy and aging Mason and soon by Meredith's lover (Bates) who recognizes her good heart. When Meredith becomes pregnant, Georgy persuades her to let her raise the baby, leaving Georgy with the dilemma of marrying the irresponsible Bates (the baby's father) or the settled Mason. The film and title song (sung by the Seekers) were both huge hits. Based on the novel by Margaret Foster who also cowrote the screenplay. 100m/B VHS, DVD . GB Lynn Redgrave, James Mason, Charlotte Rampling, Alan Bates, Bill Owen, Claire Kelly, Rachel Kempson, Denise Coffey, Dorothy Alison, Peggy ThorpeBates, Dandy Nichols; D: Silvio Narizzano; W: Margaret Forster, Peter Nichols; C: Ken Higgins. Golden Globes ‘67: Actress—Mus./Comedy (Redgrave); N.Y. Film Critics ‘66: Actress (Redgrave).