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at·tack / əˈtak/ • v. [tr.] take aggressive action against (a place or enemy forces) with weapons or armed force, typically in a battle or war: in December, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor | [intr.] the terrorists did not attack again until March. ∎  (of a person or animal) act against (someone or something) aggressively in an attempt to injure or kill. ∎  (of a disease, chemical substance, or insect) act harmfully on: HIV is thought to attack certain cells in the brain. ∎  criticize or oppose fiercely and publicly. ∎  begin to deal with (a problem or task) in a determined and vigorous way: a plan of action to attack unemployment. ∎  [intr.] make an aggressive or forceful attempt to score a goal or point, or gain or exploit an advantage in a game against an opposing team or player. ∎  Chess move into or be in a position to capture (an opponent's piece). • n. an agressive and violent action against a person or place: three classrooms were gutted in the arson attack. ∎  destructive action by a disease, chemical, or insect: the tissue is open to attack by fungus. ∎  a sudden short bout of an illness or stress: an attack of nausea. ∎  an instance of fierce public criticism or opposition: he launched a stinging attack on the White House. ∎  a determined attempt to tackle a problem or task: an attack on inflation. ∎ Mus. the manner of beginning to play or sing a passage. ∎  forceful and decisive style in performing music or another art: the sheer attack of Hendrix's playing. ∎  an aggressive attempt to score a goal, win points, or gain or exploit an advantage in a game. ∎  Chess a threat to capture an opponent's piece. PHRASES: under attack subject to aggressive, violent, or harmful action: his paintings have come under attack for their satanic content.

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attackaback, alack, attack, back, black, brack, clack, claque, crack, Dirac, drack, flack, flak, hack, jack, Kazakh, knack, lack, lakh, mac, mach, Nagorno-Karabakh, pack, pitchblack, plaque, quack, rack, sac, sack, shack, shellac, slack, smack, snack, stack, tach, tack, thwack, track, vac, wack, whack, wrack, yak, Zack •cardiac • zodiac •haemophiliac (US hemophiliac), necrophiliac, sacroiliac •umiak •bibliomaniac, dipsomaniac, egomaniac, kleptomaniac, maniac, megalomaniac, monomaniac, nymphomaniac, pyromaniac •insomniac • celeriac • Syriac •hypochondriac • Mauriac • theriac •amnesiac •aphrodisiac, Dionysiac •Dayak, kayak •Kerouac • bivouac

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attack vb. XVI. — F. attaquer — It. attaccare as in attaccare battaglia join battle f. Gmc. *stak- (see ATTACH).
Hence, or — F. attaque (— It. attacco) attack sb. XVII.