Attack Force

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Attack Force woof! 2006 (R)

Even judging by the low standards set by Seagal movies, this dreck isn't worth the effort to figure out what might be going on. After Special Agent Marshall Lawson's strike team is wiped out by a super-strong, drugged-out prostie, he's determined to figure out how it happened. This leads to a military/political conspiracy to infect the water supply with a drug that turns its users ultra-violent. Even the dialogue over-dubbing is ludicrous, with someone else obviously substituting for Seagal in various scenes. 95m/C DVD . Steven Seagal, David Kennedy, Danny (Daniel) Webb, Andrew Bicknell, Lisa Lovbrand, Matthew Chambers; D: Michael Keusch; W: Steven Seagal, Joc Halpin; C: Sonja Rom; M: Barry Taylor. VIDEO