Periodic Table of the Elements Lead

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lead (symbol Pb) Metallic element of group IV of the periodic table, known from ancient times. Its chief ore is galena (lead sulphide), from which lead is obtained by roasting. Exposure to lead from paints, pipes, petrol and other sources can lead to lead poisoning. Soft and malleable, it is used as a shield for X-rays and nuclear radiation, and in plumbing, batteries, cable sheaths, and alloys such as pewter and solder. Chemically, lead is unreactive and a poor conductor of electricity. Properties: 82; r.a.m. 207.19; r.d. 11.35; m.p. 327.5°C (621.5°F); b.p. 1740°C (3164°F); most common isotope Pb208 (52.3%).

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