Zimmer, Patrick

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Anti-Kantian philosopher and theologian; b. Württemberg, Feb. 22, 1752; d. Landshut, Oct. 16, 1820. After his ordination (1775) he taught dogmatic theology at Dillingen (178395). There he was a colleague of the famous J. M. sailer, with whom he also taught at Ingolstadt and Landshut, and who, upon Zimmer's death, wrote his biography and an appreciation of his work. Zimmer's pastorate at Steinheim was given as the reason for his removal from Dillingen, although the real reason seems to have been opposition to his philosophical ideas. He died as rector of the University of Landshut and a deputy to the Bavarian Parliament. His eloquence and enthusiastic teaching drew many students to his courses. Personally he was always sincerely orthodox in his belief and generous both to his doctrinal adversaries and to the poor. His writings are somewhat vitiated by excessive theoretical adherence to the pantheistic notions of F. schelling. His chief works were: Theologiae Christianae theoreticae systema (Dillingen 1787), Theologia Christiana dogmatica (2 v. Vienna 178990), and Theologia Christiana specialis (4 v. Landshut 180206).

Bibliography: h. hurter, Nomenclator literarius theologiae catholicae 5.1:647649. j. mercier, Dictionnaire de théologie catholique 15.2:3694.

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