Zimmerman, Herman F. 1935–

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ZIMMERMAN, Herman F. 1935

(Herman Zimmerman)


Born April 19, 1935, in Springfield, IL; married Sandra J. Simmet, January 3, 1976; children: Herman Frederick, Buffee Jeanine. Education: Northwestern University, B.S., 1957, then M.A., 1958.

Addresses: Contact c/o Art Directors Guild, 2345 Hercules Dr., Los Angeles, CA 900461631; c/o Paramount Pictures Corp., 5555 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 900383112.

Career: Art director and production designer. Harrahs, Reno, NV, entertainment manager, 196264; NBCTV, Burbank, CA, art director, 196568; Hollywood Video Center, art director, 196873; freelance art director, 197380; Paramount Pictures, Hollywood, CA, 1980; Paramount Parks Design and Entertainment, consultant for Great America theme parks, 1992?; created Star Trek exhibition for Edinburgh, Scotland, 1995; previously worked as theater scene designer and associate professor drama at Northwestern University.

Member: Society of Motion Picture Art Directors, Directors Guild of America.

Awards, Honors: Emmy Award nomination (with others), outstanding individual achievement in art direction for a series, 1993, for Star Trek: Deep Space NineEmissary; Emmy Award nominations (with others), outstanding art direction for a series, 1997, 1998, 1999, Excellence in Production Design Award (with others), Art Directors Guild, television, 1997, all for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


Film Work:

Art director, The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler, Vidtronics, 1971.

Production designer, Better Off Dead ... (also known as Better Off Dead ), Warner Bros., 1985.

Production designer, One Crazy Summer, 1986.

(As Herman Zimmerman) Production designer, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Paramount, 1989.

Art director, Black Rain, Paramount, 1989.

Production designer, All I Want for Christmas, Paramount, 1991.

(As Herman Zimmerman) Production designer, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Paramount, 1991.

(As Herman Zimmerman) Production designer, Star Trek: Generations (also known as Star Trek 7 ), Paramount, 1994.

(As Herman Zimmerman) Production designer, Star Trek: First Contact (also known as Star Trek 8 ), Paramount, 1996.

(As Herman Zimmerman) Production designer, Star Trek: Insurrection (also known as Star Trek 9 ), Paramount, 1998.

Design consultant, Star Trek: The Experience, 1998.

Production designer, Star Trek World Tour, 1998.

(As Herman Zimmerman) Production designer, Star Trek: Nemesis, Paramount, 2002.

Film Appearances:

Himself, Star Trek: Deep Space NineBehind the Scenes, Paramount, 1993.

(As Herman Zimmerman) Journey's EndThe Saga of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Paramount, 1995.

Television Art Director; Series:

Queen for a Day, syndicated, 1970.

Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, NBC, 1973.

Land of the Lost, NBC, 1974.

Far Out Space Nuts, CBS, 1975.

The Lost Saucer, ABC, 1975.

Dr. Shrinker, ABC, 1976.

(As Herman Zimmerman) Tales of the Unexpected (also known as Quinn Martin's Tales of the Unexpected and A Twist in the Tale ), NBC, 1977.

The Stanley Siegel Show, syndicated, 1981.

The People's Court, syndicated, 1981.

The Powers of Matthew Star, NBC, 1982.

Webster, ABC, 1983.

Guilty or Innocence, syndicated, 1984.

Brothers, Showtime, 1984.

The Judge, syndicated, 1986.

Gung Ho, ABC, 1986.

All Is Forgiven, NBC, 1986.

The Tortellis, NBC, 1987.

Harry, ABC, 1987.

Hard Knocks, Showtime, 1987.

Television Production Designer; Series:

(As Herman Zimmerman) The Ellen Burstyn Show, ABC, 1986.

Superior Court, syndicated, 1986.

(As Herman Zimmerman) Star Trek: The Next Generation (also known as Star Trek: TNG ), syndicated, 1987.

Ferris Bueller, NBC, 1990.

A Family for Joe, NBC, 1990.

Bob, CBS, 1992.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (also known as DS9, Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: DS9 ), syndicated, 1993.

Legend, UPN, 1995.

(As Herman Zimmerman) Enterprise (also known as Star Trek: Enterprise ), UPN, 2001.

Television Work; Series:

Set designer, The Barbour Report, ABC, 1986.

Original sets designer, Bob, CBS, 1992.

Visual consultant, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, syndicated, 1993.

Set designer, Enterprise (also known as Star Trek: Enterprise ), UPN, 2001.

Television Art Director; Miniseries:

The Word, CBS, 1978.

A Rumor of War, CBS, 1980.

The Star Maker, NBC, 1981.

Television Art Director; Movies:

The Girl Called Hatter Fox (also known as Lost Legacy ), CBS, 1977.

Forever, CBS, 1978.

A Love Affair: The Eleanor and Lou Gehrig Story, NBC, 1978.

Deadman's Curve, CBS, 1978.

The Initiation of Sarah, ABC, 1978.

Death Moon, CBS, 1978.

And Your Name Is Jonah, CBS, 1979.

This Man Stands Alone, NBC, 1979.

Before and After, ABC, 1979.

The Great Cash Giveaway Getaway, NBC, 1980.

For the Love of It, ABC, 1980.

A Cry for Love, NBC, 1980.

The Promise of Love, CBS, 1980.

(As Herman Zimmerman) Twirl, NBC, 1981.

A Gun in the House, CBS, 1981.

(As Herman Zimmerman) Through Naked Eyes, ABC, 1983.

Memorial Day, CBS, 1983.

The Awakening of Cassandra, CBS, 1983.

Silence of the Heart, CBS, 1984.

The Burning Bed, NBC, 1984.

Television Production Designer; Movies:

The Burning Bed, NBC, 1984.

(As Herman Zimmerman) Star Trek: The Next GenerationEncounter at Farpoint, 1987.

So Proudly We Hail, CBS, 1990.

Television Art Director; Pilots:

The City, NBC, 1977.

The Return of the Man from U.N.C.L.E. (also known as The Fifteen Years Later Affair ), CBS, 1983.

Herndon and Me, ABC, 1983.

At Your Service, NBC, 1984.

No Complaints!, NBC, 1985.

Joanna, ABC, 1985.

Chameleon, ABC, 1986.

Slickers, NBC, 1987.

Television Production Designer; Pilots:

(As Herman Zimmerman) Star Trek: Deep Space NineEmissary, syndicated, 1993.

(As Herman Zimmerman) Enterprise: Broken Bow (also known as Star Trek Enterprise: Broken Bow ), UPN, 2001.

Television Art Director; Specials:

The Donny and Marie Osmond Show, ABC, 1975.

The Funniest Joke I Ever Heard, ABC, 1984.

Television Appearances; Specials:

(As Herman Zimmerman) Himself, Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special (documentary), 1991.

The Science of Star Trek, PBS, 1995.



(Introduction only) The Art of Star Trek: Thirty Years of Creating the Future, Pocket Star, 1995.

(With others) Star Trek Deep Space Nine Technical Manual: Technical Manual, Star Trek, 1998.

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