Zimelman, Nathan

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ZIMELMAN, Nathan. American, b. 1921. Genres: Children's fiction. Career: Alaska Bargain Store (family-owned general store), Sacramento, CA, worked for his father, 1943-50, co-manager of the store with his mother after his father's death, 1950-62; free-lance author, 1964-. Publications: FOR CHILDREN: A Secret for Christmas, 1964; Beneath the Oak Tree, 1966; Once When I Was Five, 1967; Pepito, 1967; To Sing a Song as Big as Ireland, 1967; A Good Morning's Work, 1968; The First Elephant Comes to Ireland, 1969; What Shall We Have for Breakfast?, 1969; So You Shouldn't Waste a Rhinoceros, 1970; The Cats of Kilkenny, 1972; Michael Allen Found a Dime, 1972; Look, Hiroshi!, 1973; I Will Tell You of Peach Stone, 1974; The Lives of My Cat Alfred, 1976; Walls Are to Be Walked, 1977; Positively No Pets Allowed, 1980; If I Were Strong Enough…, 1982; Mean Chickens and Wild Cucumbers, 1983; How to Fly Like a Bird, Even if You're Only a Boy, 1983; Mean Murgatroyd and the Ten Cats, 1984; Shaughnessy, 1984; Why Do We Not See Little People, Miss Wintergreen?, 1984; Please Excuse Jasper, 1987; The Star of Melvin, 1987; Treed by a Pride of Irate Lions, 1990; The Crime of Hubie Hemplewhite, 1990; Lovely, Lovely Mehitchabel, 1990; The Great Adventure of Wo Ti, 1992; How the Second Grade Got $8,205.50 to Visit the Statue of Liberty, 1992; Die Kuh in den Wolken Bertelsmann, 1998; The Dollar, 2000; Sold!, 2000. Address: c/o Albert Whitman, 2025 28th St., Apt. 206, Sacramento, CA 95818-1922, U.S.A.