Zaludkowski, Elijah

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ZALUDKOWSKI, ELIJAH (1888–1943), *ḥazzan and writer. He was a son of the well-known ḥazzan of Kalisz, Noah Zaludkowski (1859–1931), known as "Reb Noaḥ Lieder." Elijah studied with his father and other ḥazzanim, and also at conservatories in Milan and Berlin. He held posts as ḥazzan in Warsaw, Vilna, and Liverpool, England, and in 1926 went to the U.S. where he officiated in New York and Detroit. Zaludkowski wrote Di Kultur-Treger fun der Yidisher Liturgie (1930), containing useful biographies of famous ḥazzanim, and published his father's and his own liturgical compositions in Tefillat No'aḥ va-Avodat Eliyahu.