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Zambo, the lowest of a series of derogatory names by which Spaniards referred to members of the racially mixed groups called castas (castes). While the so-called castas could refer to any person of racially mixed origin, Spaniards reserved their most derogatory terms, some of which were zoological, such as "wolf" and "coyote," for those of mixed Indian and black ancestry. These terms originated in the eighteenth century and became best known through a series of paintings that depicted the various racial mixtures in a variety of settings, showing their dress, food, and family lives. In these paintings zambo is the label for the lowest form of racially mixed person. These derogatory terms were rarely used on official records of either a religious or government nature but were usually used as epithets; they are found most frequently in criminal records, which reveal that their use triggered brawls, and in records of civil suits over matters of social status.

See alsoCaste and Class Structure in Colonial Spanish America; Race and Ethnicity.


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