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WERTHEIMER, EDUARD VON (1848–1930), Hungarian historian. Wertheimer was born in Pest. He became a lecturer at the University of Kolozsvár in 1877 and later held successive professorships at two law schools, Nagyszeben and Pressburg. In 1900 he was elected a corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy, and in 1903 was knighted and given the surname "de Monor." On his retirement in 1914, he was appointed a privy councilor (Hofrat). He spent the last years of his life in Berlin.

Wertheimer's principal scholarly interests were the foreign policy of the Hapsburg monarchy and the history of Hungary during the early years of the 19th century. His main work in the former field was Gróf Andrássy Gyula élete és kora ("Graf Julius Andrássy, his life and his time," 3 vols., 1910–13), a study of dualism and the role of Hungary. His important contributions to 19th-century history were Ausztria és Magyarország a xix század első tizedében ("Austria and Hungary during the First Decade of the 19th century," 2 vols., 1890–92); and Az 181112 magyar orszaggyülés ("The Hungarian Diet of 1811–12," 1899). Among his other books were: Bismarck im politischen Kampf (1929); Die drei ersten Frauen des Kaisers Franz (1893), and Der Herzog von Reichstadt (1902; The Duke of Reichstadt, Napoleon ii, 1905).

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Wertheimer, Eduard von

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