Walter de Stapeldon

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Bishop, lord treasurer; b. Annery, Devon, England, Feb. 1, c. 1261; d. London, Oct. 15, 1326. Stapeldon was a professor of Canon Law at Oxford and then papal chaplain. On Oct. 13, 1308, he was consecrated bishop of exeter. As bishop he rebuilt a large part of the cathedral, including the choir screen, and founded Stapeldon Hall, later Exeter College, at Oxford and projected an episcopal grammar school in Exeter in connection with it. In 1316 he joined the Middle party and in 1320 became lord treasurer for Edward II. His administrative reforms in this office ensured the preservation of all exchequer records up to 1323. He arranged for a complete classification and catalogue of the archives of the exchequer and wardrobe. Stapeldon's calendar was printed by F. Palgrave, Ancient Kalendars and Inventories ; the contemporary Gascon calendar of 1322 by Henry of Canterbury has been edited by G. P. Cuttino. The mob supporting the Queen beheaded Stapeldon as one of the instruments of Edward II's misgovernment, while he was trying to reach sanctuary in St. Paul's.

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