Walter Jorz

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Also Jorse, Jorsz, Joyce, English dominican, archbishop of Armagh; b. Nottinghamshire, England; d. Lincoln, February 1321. The brother of Cardinal thomas jorz, he received faculties in 1300 for the Diocese of Lincoln. He subsequently won renown at Oxford by his teaching and writing. On Aug. 6, 1307, Walter Jorz was appointed to the Irish primatial See of armagh by Pope Clement V. After Jorz's consecration, King Edward II forced him to renounce certain clauses in the papal brief of appointment deemed prejudicial to the royal rights. Jorz's brief tenure at Armagh was marked by frequent difficulties with secular officials. In 1310 he successfully fought a law excluding native Irishmen from religious orders, but in 1311 he resigned from his archdiocese. His brother Roland, also a Dominican, succeeded him. From September 1319, Jorz was auxiliary bishop of Lincoln. Among the works attributed to him, none of which seem to have survived, are Promptuarium theologiae, de peccatis in genere, and Quaestiones variae.

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