Theobald of Provins, St.

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Camaldolese priest and hermit, Fr., Thibaut; b. Provins, Brie, France, 1017; d. Salarrigo, near Vicenza, June 30, 1066. Influenced by the asceticism of the monks of the desert, he left the world and sought solitude in the forest of Pettingen, Luxembourg. His growing reputation for sanctity forced him to retire to Italy, where he settled near Vicenza. He attracted so many disciples that the bishop of Vicenza ordained Theobald a priest the better to serve them. Before his death Theobald received the religious habit of the Camaldolese Order. Pope Alexander II canonized him in 1073. He is the patron saint of charcoal burners.

Feast: June 30, July 1.

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