Tel Yiẓḥak

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TEL YIẒḤAK (Heb. תֵּל יִצְחָק), kibbutz in central Israel, near Even Yehudah, affiliated with Ha-No'ar ha-Ẓiyyoni. Tel Yiẓḥak was founded by a group from Galicia in 1938. Since 1963, Neveh Hadassah, a youth village belonging to Hadassah and *Youth Aliyah, has been included in the area of Tel Yiẓḥak. In 1970 Tel Yiẓḥak had 510 inhabitants, increasing to 622 in 2002. Farming branches included irrigated citrus groves, field crops, and avocado plantations. Other sources of livelihood were a small supermarket, a pub, and catering. The kibbutz also operated a factory for building materials. Masoha, an institute for Holocaust studies, and the Zionist Youth Archive were located at the kibbutz. Its name commemorates Yiẓḥak Steiger, the founder of the Ha-No'ar ha-Ẓiyyoni movement in Galicia.

[Efraim Orni]