Tekumah Party (Resurrection or Renaissance, in Hebrew)

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TEKUMAH PARTY (Resurrection or renaissance, in Hebrew)

Small religious-Zionist political party, a faction of the National Union party. It was formed from the parliamentary group Emunim that had been established toward the end of the Fourteenth Knesset by MKs Zvi Hendel and Hanan Porat, who had left the National Religious Party; Uri Ariel, the chairman of the movement; Yaakov Katz; Benny Katzover; and others. It joined forces with Herut and Moldet to form the National Union (Ihud ha-Le'umi) list for the 1999 Knesset elections, but continued to exist independently and ran in the 2003 Jerusalem municipal elections. The main difference between Herut and Tekumah is the religious orientation of the latter.

Tekumah strongly supports Jewish settlement activity and, anticipating the possibility of future compromise with Palestinians, in September 2004 it took part in a campaign to make policemen and soldiers aware that they are permitted not to "take part in the uprooting of Jews from their homes."

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