Simon Hinton

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English Dominican theologian. He received a bachelor's degree at Oxford by 1239, the doctorate in theology c. 1248, and until 1250 or 1254 acted as master at the Oxford Dominican priory, probably succeeding richard fishacre. He served as provincial of the English Dominicans (125461), but was removed from office by the general chapter for failure to comply with regulations of the order. The issue involved a refusal to accept foreign students at the studium of the order at Oxford. When sent to lecture at the Dominican school at Cologne, he was permitted to return to England within a year. A theologian of the Augustinian school, Hinton was not an outstanding thinker. His works, however, are useful in shedding light on instructional methods at mid-13th-century Oxford. His writings include scriptural treatises, theological works, and a manual for study. Besides several Quaestiones disputatae, he has left scriptural commentaries and glosses, and postils on the Minor Prophets. The Summa ad instructionem iuniorum was a manual of practical theology and enjoyed wide usage from the 13th to the 15th century.

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