Simon Sez

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Simon Sez ★½ 1999 (PG-13)

Convoluted spy thriller stars basketball bad boy Dennis Rodman as Simon, an Interpol agent on the trail of effete illegal arms dealer Ashton (Pradon). He must be posing undercover as a gigantic space-age punk rock coloring book, because the nose rings, tattoos and shock treatment hair don't exactly say “inconspicuous.” He is approached for help by his old friend and colleague Nick (Cook), a private eye who's in over his head on a kidnapping case. The two cases just happen to be connected, but the plot is just an excuse to show car chases and shoot 'em up action sequences. Rodman shows some decent acting skills, and he's still as bad as he wants to be. Unfortunately, the movie is a lot worse than he wants it to be. 85m/C VHS, DVD . Dennis Rodman, Dane Cook, Natalia Cigliuti, Filip Nicolic, John Pinette, Jerome Pradon, Ricky Harris; D: Kevin Elders; W: Andrew Miller, Andrew Lowery; C: Avi (Avraham) Karpik; M: Brian Tyler. VIDEO