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SHALLUM (Heb. שַׁלּוּם ,שַׁלֻּם; probably a hypocorism of a name like שֶׁלֶמְיָהוּ – "Yahweh has preserved or requited"), son of Jabesh, one of the last kings of Israel. Shallum came to the throne in the 39th year of the reign of *Uzziah in Judah, after killing *Zechariah son of Jeroboam ii and thus putting an end to the dynasty of Jeroboam (ii Kings 15:10). Shallum ruled Israel from Samaria for one month (15:13), apparently between Elul and Tishri, 747 b.c.e. The throne was taken from him by *Menahem son of Gadi, who formed a conspiracy against him and killed him (15:14). Some scholars interpret the designation "son of Jabesh" as a reference to the city of *Jabesh (-Gilead) and take it as indicating that Shallum was from this city.


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[Josef Segal]