Shalom, Abraham

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SHALOM, ABRAHAM (d. 1557?), rabbi, also known as Ha-Rosh (from the initials of R. Shalom). Abraham Shalom was born in Salonika to a family of rabbis, possibly the grandson of Abraham b. Isaac *Shalom (d. 1492). He studied with his friend Solomon ha-Levi *Alkabez under Joseph *Taitaẓak in Salonika, and later became a teacher there. In about 1530 he settled in Safed, where he became the disciple and colleague of *Jacob Berab I; he was one of the four scholars who received *semikhah (rabbinical ordination) from Berab. Shalom, the colleague of Joseph *Caro and Moses of *Trani, served as dayyan and head of a yeshivah. His grandson Abraham b. Eliezer Shalom was one of the most important rabbis of Safed.


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