Sha'Arei Shevu'Ot

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SHA'AREI SHEVU'OT (Heb. תֹועובש יֵרֲעַש), work on the laws of oaths, consisting of 20 chapters. It is extensively quoted by the early posekim such as *Meir of Rothenburg, as well as in the Ittur of *Isaac b. Abba Mari and in the Mordekhai of *Mordecai b. Hillel. The authorship of this work has been a subject of dispute among scholars. It has been attributed erroneously to Isaac b. Reuben Alfasi. It now appears, however, that Isaac b. Reuben merely wrote an edited translation from the Arabic of David b. Saadiah's Mishpetei Shevu'ot and added a short rhymed introduction giving his own name in acrostic. As a result the work was wrongly ascribed to him. As the work is usually published together with the halakhot of Alfasi, it is often referred to as "the She'arim (lit. "gates," i.e., chapters) of R. Alfasi."


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